Azbeen - Little Monsters of the Vector Universe

Azbeen is the artist name of Aristotelis Falegos, an illustrator and web designer living and working in Greece. Azbeen creates images almost exclusively through digital media, and most of his artworks are vector driven. Cartoons heavily influence his vector artworks, and if you look well you can always discover a “twist”.

Azbeen studied in the UK, but returned after graduation to his mother country and his big love, illustration. In the last 3 years he has created tons of amazing illustrations. Aristotelis Falegos is specialized in vector art, and digitally inks the most wonderful characters – especially monsters and aliens.


Azbeen, little vector monster


Do you remember last year’s song “Monster” by The Automatic? “What's that coming over the hill - Is it a monster? Is it a monster? Confused, mind bruised, it seeps out. Convexed you bend, twist and shout. Stand up, brush off, get moving…” This great tune could be the perfect soundtrack for one of Azbeen’s artworks: sweet-sounding but with a hidden dark side.



The Swiss psychologist Jung taught us that the human mind is complex and composed of different parts. The illustrations of Aristotelis Falegos are much like the human psyche: although his artworks seem all cute and happy at first sight, there is often a hidden layer that reveals a different, even sinister side of life. Azbeen’s natural curiosity and desire to understand this world make his artworks something special - fun, colorful and energetic but with a scary and menacing presence if you have a closer look.

Discover more of Azbeen’s little monster universe on http://www.azbeen.com


Azbeen dark side
















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