The Espeluzland Story

A little story… Once upon a time in a country far, far away lived an American cartoonist Axtor Disney. Axtor was an amazing magician, illustrator and musician, all in one. Together with his younger brothers Walter E. and Roy O. Disney, he founded The Walt Disney Company in 1923. So far so good...

Axtor Espeluzland


After a few years, Axtor got fired from the family business and expelled from the Disney family – mainly due to his strange work methods and even stranger child-like illustrations.

Due to all the family struggles, Axtor changed his last name from Disney to "Majesto" (paying tribute to a bum from his neighborhood). The Disney brothers made sure to wipe out each and every trace that could prove Axtor’s existence; burning all his sketches and his extended collection of deformed animals. Mentally suppressed  and secluded in darkness, Axtor decided to found his own company, Espeluzland, in order to compete with the kiddie candy world of his Disney brothers. The failure was resounding. Overwhelmed by debt and deprived of recognition, Axtor Majesto retired in an abandoned castle, where he lived and worked until his mysterious disappearance.


Axtor Disney


Only few traces remain of Axtor’s artistic legacy; the only thing that prevails is the Majesto legend. Fortunately there exists an underground Axtor movement whose only purpose is to find the missing work of Axtor Majesto and to share it with the world on the website www.espeluzland.com.










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Great 'n' crazy story. Would have been sooo cool if it was for real ;))))

Posted at 12:35 p.m. on November 24, 2009

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