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What does an apple and Vector.net have in common? Everyone has heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, a daily free vector will keep you creative and on your toes. Apples are an excellent source of minerals and fibre, while VectorNET provides a good source of footage and inspiration.

Vector illustration of a red delicious apple with green leafs. Sweet but healthy, an apple is an excellent source of fibre and is virtually fat free. Apples contain up to 15% natural fruit sugar; healthy energy that you need to be creative and efficient. Download this free vector apple illustration by vector artist and illustrator Ray Craighead, released under general public license CC 3.0.


Vector Artist: www.raycraighead.com

License: Creative Commons Share Alike

The zip is free to download and comes with an EPS vector file, an Adobe Illustrator AI CS2 file, SVG and PDF plus a large JPG file as well.


Vector Apple

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Free Vector Apple Download (AI, EPS, PDF, SVG)

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