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This vector art portrait of singer/songwriter Beck makes a colorful impression. Inspired by street art, the bold graphic style achieves its impact from the hi-contrast stencil style. Download this free vector illustration of Beck right now and use it in your graphic designs.

Twenty years ago, Californian singer, songwriter and producer Beck recorded the hip-hop folk song “Loser” in his kitchen. The song quickly became a worldwide hit and an anthem of the slacker generation x. Beck’s eclectic sound made him one of the hottest pop artists of the nineties and won him several awards. His 1996 album Odelay confirmed that Beck was no one hit wonder. This masterpiece contained the hit singles “Devil’s Haircut” and “Where It’s At” and went on to sell millions of copies.

On his later albums Midnight Vultures, Sea Change, Guero, The Information and Modern Guilt, Beck continues to experiment and fuse influences of blues, funk, rap and country music.


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Vector illustration by Shaun Laakso for Vector.net

Zip contains Illustrator AI and EPS, SVG and PDF plus large JPEG.


Beck Vector

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Beck Vector (AI, EPS, PDF, SVG)

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