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South Africa. 64 Matches. 1 Champion. 1 Cup. The wait is over… considering that only 7 nations have ever won the FIFA World Cup title, both the Netherlands and Spain hope to make history on Sunday when the teams will “battle” at Soccer City in Johannesburg. Football has something magical, the sport brings people from all over the world together. Europeans, Central and South Americans, Asians and Africans worship football, and now even Americans start to appreciate “soccer”. We collected some amazing football/soccer vector artworks and illustrations, celebrating the beauty of the “beautiful game”.

Sunday’s game will be the eighth overall World Cup final between European teams. The South Africa World Cup is the ninth of 19 overall held outside Europe and the first time a global event of this scale was held in Africa. When Argentina beat the Netherlands in Buenos Aires in 1978, it was the last time two non-winners met for the title. Brazil is record holder with 5 titles. Their 1958 title in Sweden is the only cup won by a non-European team in Europe, followed by wins in Chile (1962), Mexico (1970), USA (1994) and Japan/South Korea (2002). Argentina and Uruguay won two titles each: Argentina 1978 at home and 1986 in Mexico, Uruguay 1930 at home and 1950 in Brazil. European teams won all the 9 other World Cup tournaments held in Europe. Italy won the cup at home (1934), in France (1938), in Spain (1982) and in Germany (2006). Germany won the title 3 times: in Switzerland (1954), at home (1974) and in Italy (1990). England and France won their home tournaments in respectively 1966 and 1998.


The Dutch and Spanish victories over Uruguay and Germany assure Europe of a first World Cup title at a tournament played outside Europe. It’s also the first time Spain and the Netherlands were able to win their World Cup semi-finals. Spain has never made it to the final stage, and when the Netherlands reached the 1974 & 1978 finals, it was after finishing top of their group in the 2nd round.

The Dutch team achieved 6 successive wins en route to the final, Spain is also in the winning mood, and the team only lost their opening match against Switzerland. Between November 2006 and June 2009, Spain went undefeated for 35 matches. That streak included the 1-0 victory over Germany in the 2008 finals of the European Championships.


When the Spanish team is in top form, you can admire the most artistic and stylish soccer-playing nation - a symphony of soccer: fluid ball controls, precise passing and spectacular goals. With Casillas, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Alonso, Torres and Villa, they have some of the best players in the world. The Dutch team doesn't have as much star power as Spain, but key players Sneijder, Robben & Co are also on a roll, having won all eight games in the qualification and six games in South Africa, leading into the final.


"If you win the final, you make yourself immortal." Netherlands star player Arjen Robben told in an interview. "We will do everything we can to take the Cup back home." But Spanish top striker David Villa will fight with all his strength to hold onto his bright dream: "This is one of the greatest moments for Spain - for us to be in the final of the World Cup, it's history. And we want to make more history in the final."


Before the tournament, very few believed that the Netherlands would get as far as they did. The Spanish team started badly, but found back their blistering form and lethal style of play just in time. We’re curious to see which team Paul the Oracle Octopus will pick as winner. But whoever is taking the World Cup home, let’s celebrate the beautiful game alongside the art it inspires - and may the best one win!


FIFA World Cup Vector


FIFA World Cup by Daniël Matakupan

Website: www.danielmatakupan.nl


Kaká vector


Kaká, Brazil Midfielder by Cristiano Siqueira

Website: www.crisvector.com


Lionel Messi vector


Lionel Messi, Argentina Forward by Cristiano Siqueira


Italian national soccer team vector


Azzurri, Italian national soccer team illustration by Tilo Göbel

Website: www.tilogo.com


Wayne Rooney vector


Wayne Rooney, England Striker by Steven Tan

Website: www.stevennet.cc


Fernando Torres vector


Fernando Torres, Spain Forward by Charis Tsevis

Website: www.tsevis.com


Cristiano Ronaldo vector


Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal Striker by Charis Tsevis


Kaká vector illustration


Kaká, Brazil Midfielder by Charis Tsevis


Diego Maradona vector


Diego Maradona, Argentina Legend and Trainer by Kelvin Chan

Website: www.rocketraygun.blogspot.com


Diego Forlán vector


Diego Forlán, Uruguay Striker by Kelvin Chan


Wayne Rooney vector illustration


Wayne Rooney, England Forward by Kelvin Chan


Frank Lampard vector


Frank Lampard, England Midfielder by Kelvin Chan


Aaron Lennon vector


Aaron Lennon, England Midfielder by Kelvin Chan


David Villa vector


David Villa, Spain Striker by Kelvin Chan


Robin Van Persie vector


Robin Van Persie, The Netherlands Striker by Kelvin Chan


Arjen Robben vector


Arjen Robben, The Netherlands Forward by Kelvin Chan


FIFA World Cup South Africa vector


FIFA World Cup South Africa by Tomalex Buch

Website: www.tomalexbuch.com

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Disclaimer, Tom's a mate, but his work really stands out here in terms of style. Loving it ;).

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very amazing, and i like all the stokes and WOW!

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