Plants and Flowers Vector Set

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Plants and flowers are an important theme in art. From medieval images to Japanese art; famous artists as Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet or even Andy Warhol have created many iconic flower paintings. Today it’s the day for some flower vector graphics by illustrator Dirt2 aka KeepWaiting.

Do you remember “Blume”, the song by German art band Einsturzende Neubauten? “For you I am a chrysanthemum, a dandelion, a thousand flowers in the sky. A lily of the valley, a flower of saron, a water lily, a marigold, a rose

or a little thistle. For you I even be a sunflower - another reason to cut off an ear”.


Specific flora symbolizes love, joy, hope, sensuality, jealousy, hate or death. Red roses proclaim “I love you” and are the ultimate symbol of romance. White roses symbolize purity and harmony, while orchids are all about seduction. The lotus flower is a symbol or rebirth; the chrysanthemum is known as the death flower. Here you can download a nice compilation of free vector flowers by graphic designer Dirt2 as Illustrator AI, EPS and PDF file – free to use for your personal projects and artworks.

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Plants and Flowers Vectors

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Plants and Flowers Vector Set (AI, EPS, PDF)

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