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Free Rolling Stones vector art graphics and illustration of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood and Bill Wyman. The Stones, formed in 1962 by guitarist Brian Jones, is one of the most influential rock bands of all time and favorite band of generations of fans. Rolling Stones pop art vector with The Stones band portrait, Rolling Stones lips and tongue logo, victory hand and UK flag.

The Rolling Stones were not exactly modest when they proclaimed themselves "The Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the World" in the late Sixties. But at a time when youth subculture was taking over the world, the chosen title was no idle boast: The Stones made revolutionary songs and albums; Jagger, Richards & Co were British Invasion’s exponent of bad attitude, sex, drugs and everything dangerous about the rock and roll lifestyle.

When the Rolling Stones started their career, they were marketed as a group of lower class hedonistic rebels, the anti-Beatles. Influenced by blues, pop, psychedelic and hard rock, the bold and bawdy Stones became a pioneering act of the first order. The band broke through in their native England, but as the rock and roll fever spread all over the world, The Stones quickly gained mass popularity in the rest of Europe, the United States, Central America and Asia.


The original line-up of the Rolling Stones was made up of six members: multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones, guitarist Keith Richards, lead singer Mick Jagger, bassist Bill Wyman, piano player Ian Stewart and drummer Charlie Watts. Jones and Stewart passed away, Wyman left and Ronny Wood joined the band, so today The Stones consist of four anchor members. All this time, Jagger and Richards have been the faces of the band and the chief songwriters. In the Sixties and Seventies, the band released ambitious albums, including the masterpieces Aftermath, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main St. and Some Girls.

Lending a lot of personality and spunk to rock and roll music, the Rolling Stones have been a huge influence on popular culture and music for the past nearly 50 years. They have released 24 studio albums, 9 live albums and several ‘best of” compilations, with over 200 million copies sold worldwide. The Stones continue to produce new music and plan another major tour, traveling further on one of the richest careers in rock and pop music.


The iconic lips and tongue logo was created by illustrator and graphic designer John Pasche in 1970. Art student Pasche was originally paid only £50 for creating the artwork, but the band was so pleased with the logo that they paid him £200 extra a few years later. The iconic pop art creation was first used in 1971 on the Stones' Sticky Fingers album.

Inspired by the rebelliousness of the Sixties and Jagger’s famous lips, the logo has been used on album sleeves, as t-shirt print and backdrop on several Stones’ world tours. In 2008, London's Victoria and Albert Museum purchased Pasche’s original logo illustration for their permanent collection. In the same year, the Rolling Stones lips and tongue symbol was voted the greatest band logo of all time.


Rolling Stones vector artwork by Caos CC for Vector.NET

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Rolling Stones vector art by Vector.NET


Rolling Stones vector logo by Vector.NET

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