Scary Movie Vector Illustration Set

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Watch out! There’s an evil clown around the corner and he wants to torture you, slash your head off with an axe and hide your dead body in Hannibal’s haunted house. If you like psycho, terror and other scary things, you’ll love this vector art pack by Anarchy Now. This thrillin’ vector set includes killer clowns, skull, skeleton and a cranky elephant. The circus of fear is ready for the horror show! Are you in?

Since ages, people seek out suspense in various ways. Though it’s hard to admit, a lot of us are fascinated by horror and evil. Books about cruel murders become international bestsellers and scary movies as The Exorcist, The Blair Witch Project, Silence of the Lambs, Se7ven and Scream are true blockbusters. Horror stories also inspire tons of graphic artists, illustrators and animators to create dangerous looking characters and dark settings. Vector artist Anarchy Now did an amazing job with this black and white vector artwork. Swallow your fear, this frightening vector art pack is completely free… Make sure to look over your shoulder while downloading the zip!

Vector Artist: www.anarchynow.deviantart.com
License: For commercial and personal use


Scary Movie Vector Illustration

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