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The artworks by Chicago based illustrator David Cuesta blur the line between alternative comics, graffiti and vector art. His illustrations transport you to an urban fantasy world full of mad professors, love snipers and street kings – a healthy dose of street attitude and humor added.

“Keep It Simple Stupid” is a phrase David Cuesta employs in several of his funky vector illustrations, and his style fits this statement perfectly: no nonsense and honest observations. Inspired by human characters, music and street culture, Cuesta’s portfolio contains pen and ink illustrations, brown paper sketches, acrylic paintings, typography, logo design, visual identity work and lots of vector cartoons. Here you can admire some of Cuesta’s graphic narratives, comic characters in the tradition of Brendan McCarthy and Jamie Hewlett, a tribute to legendary graffiti artist Case II and poster artworks for the bands LesCrooks and Moog Glove.


Take Your Dope by David Cuesta


Stinky by David Cuesta


Green Monster by David Cuesta


David Cuesta Artwork




Love Sniper by David Cuesta


Wake Up by David Cuesta


Exit Strategy by David Cuesta


The road to the mad house is paved with broken shoelaces


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Ugly comics character. BTW you perfectly blend a perfect color. Good Job

Posted at 10:48 a.m. on November 20, 2010

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