Urban Girl

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Free vector art illustration of a downtown girl, jumping in the air. Urban vector graphics with sunrays, skyscraper building and pop art grid, ready to use to create eye-catching artworks, flyers, posters, motion graphics, print and web design. Download and enjoy!

Vector graphics of a beautiful girl, young and happy, dancing barefoot in the head. Woman vector illustration against urban skyscraper, setting sun and graphic grid background. This free vector design is a good starting point for any illustrator, graphic designer or vector artist - no matter what’s your skill level. Free vector art download zip includes Illustrator EPS, AI and SVG & PDF scalable format. You can use them for print as well as for the web.


Girl vector by Vixent for Vector.NET

License: CC 3.0 Attribution


Urban girl vector art by Vector NET

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Urban Girl Vector (AI, EPS, PDF, SVG)

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She's sweet 'n lovely

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