7 Space Vector Graphics

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Free space vectors and astronaut graphics pack with 7 vector artworks inspired by the Space Race, space mission, rockets, astronomy, geospatial imagery, space flights, scientific research and exploration of the cosmos. Outer space is a cool place, so feel free to explore creative ideas for creating memorable space graphics that can be easily personalized to fit your graphic style and design needs.

Fifty years ago, the Russians ruled space. In 1957 they launched the first unmanned space mission, Sputnik Satellite I. One year later, the US followed by the successful launch of Explorer 1 into orbit. Shortly after the Soviet Union sent the first living species, space dog Laika around the Earth. In the Sixties, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to resonate around the world. The Vostok 1 spaceflight was a demonstration of the advanced Soviet technology and was the start of a new era in space travel. The Space Race, the competition between the United States and Soviet Union for supremacy in outer space exploration, had started…


Cool space vectors, free to download for your vector stock footage collection: astronauts, technology, spacemen and universe clip art vectors. Space travel poster graphics of men with astronaut helmets, floating girl, spaceships and UFO. Astral and cosmic illustration pack with stellar graphics, fantasy and star clusters. Vector illustration footage of stars for your exploration, future science, military missiles and discovery designs, Star Wars graphics of Darth Vader and danger symbols, space shuttle vector artwork of rocket and other space travel related vectors.


Russian Astronauts vector design

Russian Astronauts by palmateerdesign.wordpress.com


Astronaut Vector Graphics

Astronaut Vector Graphics by FreeVector.com


Vector Sun Graphics

Vector Sun Graphics by degentd.com


Star Explosion vector design

Star Explosion by artshare.ru


Star Wars, Darth Vader vector

Star Wars Vector by FreeVector.com


Space Shuttle vector art

Space Shuttle by nuguerrilla.com


Galaxy Vector Stars

Galaxy Vector Stars by dragonartz.wordpress.com


License: Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Personal Use

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Download Russian Astronauts (AI, EPS)
Download Astronaut Vector Graphics (AI, EPS)
Download Vector Sun Graphics (AI, EPS)
Download Star Explosion (AI, EPS)
Download Star Wars Vector (AI, EPS)
Download Space Shuttle (AI, EPS)
Download Galaxy Vector Stars (AI, EPS)

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