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Street style vector sticker pack for free download. Vector artist NoSkill 1343 aka Christ Curn is an Indonesian designer and vector illustrator, living and working in Paris Van Java. As a big fanatic of digital art, he loves to try something new and push limits. Here you can download his vector sticker artworks: a cartoon dog, cat, bird, alien and robot.

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Photoshop is a great creative tool, but it’s not the only program to create smashing images. Adding vector elements to your artwork makes it truly stand out from the crowd. Check out these vector art elements – they are perfect footage for your poster or flyer artworks, website or party invitation. Clean & stylish. Best of all, they’re free!

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Vector artist Orkibal Labikro hails from Malaysia and is twenty-eight this year. We’re not even sure if this is his real name because very little can be found about this amazing illustrator on the Internet. What we know? Orkibal claims to be a boring person when you consider him in the context of a human being. But when you look at him as an alien, he becomes more interesting.

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