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Free vector collection of 10 car graphics saved as Illustrator AI and EPS files: auto design vectors, racecars, retro cars clip art and classic car silhouettes. Download free car vector images for your graphic design, illustration, blog and web development projects. Great stock footage freebies for flyers, posters, brochures, sign making or t-shirt graphics.

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Ivan Longland aka Apaganza Art is an English designer living and working in Thailand. As a true graphic design pioneer, he has been using Adobe Illustrator since 1988 and Photoshop since version 2Beta. Ivan was one of the founding partners of the Octopus Design Group, but left the UK 20 years ago to start his own creative sweatshop and paragliding course in Pattaya.

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If you would have to describe President Obama in a few words, what would they be? A welcome change for the world? Eloquent, liberal, fresh, hip & exciting? Positive, insightful and aware? Or is he too inexperienced for the job of most important man in the world. Only time will tell if Obama will go big or go home, but in the meantime you can download this colorful vector illustration by Turbobunker.

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