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Free colorful flowers vector on radiant background. Download floral graphics with plant scrolls, cool design footage for your spring and summer nature themes. Stylized flower and plant stem vector decoration footage pack. 

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Free vector kisses and lips illustrations for your love and romance graphic artworks. Kisses are unspoken words of love and come in all shapes and sizes. When passion makes people want to kiss, the touch of lips triggers a cascade of feelings: excitement, tactile sensations and even euphoria. Some kisses are quick and shy, others are long and passionate - the perfect messengers of your feelings. Download kissing lips vector artworks for free for your love vectors stock footage collection.

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Free vector art girls and women illustrations for your contemporary fashion, lifestyle, music and nightlife design themes. A collection of colorful, fun illustration art of cute, pretty girlie girls and sexy fantasy women. Snapshots of modern life and urban street style, the 20 vector girl graphics are highly original and visually striking vector images.

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Free Autumn and Fall season vectors collection. Add some Autumn magic with this wonderful free Fall nature vector stock footage. Autumn is a season of change, a time of comings and goings, caprice and wonder as the world of nature makes preparations for the winter.

Summer flew by and autumn is here: it’s harvest time, leaves fall and birds travel to warmer places. As the days shorten and cool, Fall is the perfect time to be inspired and find time to create your own art.

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Free Marilyn Monroe vector artworks inspired by Andy Warhol’s legendary silkscreen series. Born Norma Jeane in 1926, Marilyn Monroe dominated the age of movie stars to become a famous model, award-winning actress, successful singer and Hollywood star. Marilyn’s innocence, apparent vulnerability, sizzling screen presence and comedic skills endeared her to large and varied audiences all-over the world.

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Are you looking for the one and only talking, walking, sleeping, vector doll? Don’t look any further, she’s here - take a look at her hair, it's real. If you don't believe what we say, just download this free vector illustration, size it up and have a close look.

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College Girls are true twentieth-century icons. College was a place where women found self-esteem and took a socially controversial step toward educational equity. Character vector illustrations of sexy college girls. Teenage cartoon illustration by WDB (Web Design Blog) depicting teenage girls at school, studying and reading. 

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