Burj Dubai Posts


January 4, 2010 was a day of huge celebrations in the Arabic Emirates with the unveiling of the Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest skyscraper. Named after UAE President Khalifa Bin Zayed, Burj Khalifa Tower has a unique design and there’s no other building in the world near the height of it. An astonishing example of technological innovation, the Burj Khalifa was opened with a spectacular light and sound show, sky tracers, space canons and impressive fireworks effects, illuminating the entire Downtown Burj Dubai area. Here you can download our vector art tribute to the world's most iconic new skyscraper.

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Today we bring a selection of vector style artworks inspired by Dubai's signature structures such as the Burj Dubai, the highest steel-and-glass building in the world, the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel and other famous skyscrapers and landmarks of the city of wonders. It’s the time of the giants!

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