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Free space vectors and astronaut graphics pack with 7 vector artworks inspired by the Space Race, space mission, rockets, astronomy, geospatial imagery, space flights, scientific research and exploration of the cosmos. Outer space is a cool place, so feel free to explore creative ideas for creating memorable space graphics that can be easily personalized to fit your graphic style and design needs.

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Did you see the posters today? A vector art parade is coming your way, celebrating the wild imagination of Flying Mouse 365 - creative brainchild of Chow Hon Lam, a Kuala Lumpur based designer. Lam creates daily fresh artworks: 7 designs each week, 365 per year. Lighthearted and fun, Lam’s illustrations, vector graphics and t-shirt artworks are blessed with amazing concepts that dance flamboyantly between stylish Dadaism and the hilarious madness of today’s pop art, design scene and web culture.

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Vector artist Orkibal Labikro hails from Malaysia and is twenty-eight this year. We’re not even sure if this is his real name because very little can be found about this amazing illustrator on the Internet. What we know? Orkibal claims to be a boring person when you consider him in the context of a human being. But when you look at him as an alien, he becomes more interesting.

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