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Free vector pack for designers, illustrators and vector artists. As graphic designers or art directors, we know it’s key to collect various creations and images to enhance our designs. Here you can download a large collection of shapes, silhouettes and clip art to use for both personal as professional projects.

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Free colorful flowers vector on radiant background. Download floral graphics with plant scrolls, cool design footage for your spring and summer nature themes. Stylized flower and plant stem vector decoration footage pack. 

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Spring is in the air, all sorts of flowers and plants are blooming in gardens and parks. To celebrate the first glorious days of spring, we have compiled a beautiful spring-theme selection with 14 joyful and free vector illustrations: fresh spring graphics, cool patterns, colorful nature clip art and joyful backgrounds. Download spring vector collection for free in Illustrator AI and EPS vector art format.

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Free vector collection of Valentine's Day themed graphics, illustrations and clip art including roses, couples, hearts and romantic patterns. Come up with something original this Valentine and surprise your sweetheart, friends and family with personalized vector messages. Get your creative juices flowing with this selection of 11 cool love graphics. Download happy Valentine's vector graphics and lovely heart images for free, easy to use for your print and website projects.

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Free Valentine’s Day vector graphics collection with love, hearts, flowers and other romantic vector images. Each year on February 14, people across the world surprise their loved ones with gifts, greeting cards, flowers, chocolates, candy and a romantic dinner. Get into the Valentine’s Day mood and celebrate your passion, love and relationship with unique artworks. Download Valentine’s Day vector stock footage to get inspired with lovely ideas.

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Free sixties retro design vector collection with vintage cars and objects, flower power graphics and pop art stock footage. The 60’s were a defining and controversial era in youth and pop culture, a period of rapid cultural and social change. A time of political revolutions, profound individual change, high ideals and activism: countercultures, feminism, civil rights movement, race riots, Vietnam war, the rise of popular culture and music.

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Free Autumn and Fall season vectors collection. Add some Autumn magic with this wonderful free Fall nature vector stock footage. Autumn is a season of change, a time of comings and goings, caprice and wonder as the world of nature makes preparations for the winter.

Summer flew by and autumn is here: it’s harvest time, leaves fall and birds travel to warmer places. As the days shorten and cool, Fall is the perfect time to be inspired and find time to create your own art.

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