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The vexel girls by illustrator Linda Wilks are young, cutting edge, stylish and sophisticated. Her outstanding vexel portraits give Wilks consistent recognition and a great reputation in the digital art community. The super detailed illustrations reveal the secrets of pixel magic and inspire our senses. Vexel images look just as vector art but are actually pixel-based, adding amazing details and depth.

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Free vector art girls and women illustrations for your contemporary fashion, lifestyle, music and nightlife design themes. A collection of colorful, fun illustration art of cute, pretty girlie girls and sexy fantasy women. Snapshots of modern life and urban street style, the 20 vector girl graphics are highly original and visually striking vector images.

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Free Marilyn Monroe vector artworks inspired by Andy Warhol’s legendary silkscreen series. Born Norma Jeane in 1926, Marilyn Monroe dominated the age of movie stars to become a famous model, award-winning actress, successful singer and Hollywood star. Marilyn’s innocence, apparent vulnerability, sizzling screen presence and comedic skills endeared her to large and varied audiences all-over the world.

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Are you looking for the one and only talking, walking, sleeping, vector doll? Don’t look any further, she’s here - take a look at her hair, it's real. If you don't believe what we say, just download this free vector illustration, size it up and have a close look.

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