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Free vector art illustration of a downtown girl, jumping in the air. Urban vector graphics with sunrays, skyscraper building and pop art grid, ready to use to create eye-catching artworks, flyers, posters, motion graphics, print and web design. Download and enjoy!

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Did you see the posters today? A vector art parade is coming your way, celebrating the wild imagination of Flying Mouse 365 - creative brainchild of Chow Hon Lam, a Kuala Lumpur based designer. Lam creates daily fresh artworks: 7 designs each week, 365 per year. Lighthearted and fun, Lam’s illustrations, vector graphics and t-shirt artworks are blessed with amazing concepts that dance flamboyantly between stylish Dadaism and the hilarious madness of today’s pop art, design scene and web culture.

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Highly detailed skyscraper vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS, PDF and SVG format for free download. The vector art collection contains the world’s tallest existing and planned buildings: Burj Dubai/Burj Khalifa, Guangzhou TV Tower, Empire State Building, Nanjing Greenland Financial Center aka Greenland Square Zifeng Tower, Milad Tower aka Borj-e-Milad, Al Hamra Skyscraper, Emirates Park Towers, Elite Residence Dubai Marina, Shanghai Tower, Petronas Towers, Dubai Towers Doha, Jin Mao Building, Chicago Spire, Emirates Towers, John Hancock Center, Ryugyong Hotel and many other amazing skyscraper vectors.

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