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Free business vector graphics pack for your office, school and stationary design themes. Cool vector stock footage to design job magazine illustrations, communication graphics, computer images, economics and finance themes. Stationary design set with paper, color pencils, copybook, clipboards and paperclip vectors for your office supply, information, educational documents and class notes graphics. Large selection of businessman and woman silhouettes in vector art format.

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Free musical instruments vector art pack. Music plays an important role in our lives. The songs we listen to on the radio or sing under the shower, the concerts and festivals we visit, the soundtracks of our favorite movies. From pop, rock to jazz and classical tunes… no matter what style of music - it makes us feel good. As John Miles sings: "Music was my first love, and it will be my last".

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Free silhouette collection pack of 8 interior design furniture vectors. Beautiful sixties and seventies interior illustrations by Fudge Graphics, available as Illustrator EPS, AI file, PDF and hi-res JPG.

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