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The artworks by Chicago based illustrator David Cuesta blur the line between alternative comics, graffiti and vector art. His illustrations transport you to an urban fantasy world full of mad professors, love snipers and street kings – a healthy dose of street attitude and humor added.

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Great free vector design footage pack containing arrows, hand-drawn doodles, design shapes, stencil and sticker shapes, symbols, text and speak balloons, headphones, scrolls and circles. Vector art footage pack offering plenty of clip art graphics, ideal for your graphic design projects, marketing communication and print jobs.

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Urban and nature design elements. Vector illustration of a stylized tree, on a background of graphic ornaments. Design set includes sixties beetle car, gun, Mac hand, stars, X cross, eagle, grunge graphics, splatter textures and abstract illustrator elements such as circles, arrows and swirls.

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Space is a great place, the gateway to the stars. To quote Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space: “Anyone who has spent any time in space will love it for the rest of their lives. I achieved my childhood dream of the sky.” Unfortunately, we can’t all go up there – at least not yet. As a consolation prize, we gladly offer this colorful vector art set by AJ DiMarucot.

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Free animal clipart vectors of a rabbit, dove and dolphin leaping in front of an op art circle design. Background graphics contain poppy flowers, stylized plants, stars and heart icons.

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21st Century Girl Lifestyle Vector Illustrations by ZZVE. This are some of the coolest vector girls you can find on the web. Free vector art set contains girls in different settings and poses. If you need a sexy girl illustration or female character for your flyer, invitation, poster or website, this is the perfect vector pack.

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What do we know about Axtor Espeluzland? That he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That he is rather self-taught than a model student. That he always loved to draw and made a career out of his passion in his twenties. As a graphic artist and illustrator, Axtor touches many different disciplines: drawing, graphical design, painting, vector art and installation art. Throughout the years he has worked with all kind of forms, formats, materials and supports in order to create surprising parallel universes. An interview with the grand master of surprise.

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