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Greg Darroll aka Tokyo-Go-Go is a graphic designer, comic vector artist and “strange concept” illustrator from Durban, South Africa. Graduated last year at university, Darroll quickly made a name for himself in the creative community with his luscious vector graphics, skateboard artworks, t-shirt, poster & sticker prints. Darroll’s simple little drawings are all about the strangest things, cutest characters and coolest forms of life on Earth - and beyond. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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South Africa. 64 Matches. 1 Champion. 1 Cup. The wait is over… considering that only 7 nations have ever won the FIFA World Cup title, both the Netherlands and Spain hope to make history on Sunday when the teams will “battle” at Soccer City in Johannesburg. Football has something magical, the sport brings people from all over the world together. Europeans, Central and South Americans, Asians and Africans worship football, and now even Americans start to appreciate “soccer”. We collected some amazing football/soccer vector artworks and illustrations, celebrating the beauty of the “beautiful game”.

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