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South Africa. 64 Matches. 1 Champion. 1 Cup. The wait is over… considering that only 7 nations have ever won the FIFA World Cup title, both the Netherlands and Spain hope to make history on Sunday when the teams will “battle” at Soccer City in Johannesburg. Football has something magical, the sport brings people from all over the world together. Europeans, Central and South Americans, Asians and Africans worship football, and now even Americans start to appreciate “soccer”. We collected some amazing football/soccer vector artworks and illustrations, celebrating the beauty of the “beautiful game”.

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During the seventies and up to the mid eighties, Atari was the one and only leader in the videogame universe. With the releases of games as Pong , Space Invaders, Pac Man and BreakOut, Atari started the Video Arcade revolution and set the stage for today’s 15 billion dollar gaming industry. Here you can download a vector art tribute wallpaper by Genaro DeSia Coppola aka Surround.

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