Vector Portrait Posts


For Russian designer, illustrator and vector artist Ruslan Khasanov, feelings and dreams are key to his artworks. With a steady hand and lots of patience, he translates expressions of happiness, laughter, fear or anger into powerful illustrations. Here you can see a series of amazing vector portraits: James Dean, Laura Palmer, Audrey Hepburn and Alfred Hitchcock. Be ready to be surprised by an extraordinary artist.

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Are you crazy for vector? Are you dreaming in lines, points and curves? For illustrator and graphic designer Orlando Aquije Abarca aka Atix Vector, it’s definitely the case. One of the prophets of the Peruvian digital art scene, Atix loves to create wonderful detailed vector portraits inspired by cool girls and cult heroes. Mixing technical virtuosity with a rich imagination, Atix’ artworks are stunning vector pieces: beautiful crazy, stylish, sophisticated & seriously cool!

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