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Free Vietnam War vector art illustrations inspired by Francis Copolla’s epic war movie "Apocalypse Now". The film with the legendary helicopter scenes is a controversial masterpiece about the tragedy of war, cinema's ultimate descent into hell. A great exploration of the senselessness of war, the movie’s most important message is that war is pure horror; fierce, senseless madness. Focusing on the emotional effects of war on soldiers, Copolla shared in the madness of his story: "This isn't a film about Vietnam. This film is Vietnam”.

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Free vector illustration of a perfect day in paradise: people silhouettes, palm tree, flowers, birds and butterflies clip art, rainbow graphics and abstract circles and swirls background. Beautiful free vector stock art for your spring & summer nature design themes. Download free paradise vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS, SVG and PDF vector art format at Vector.NET, your online graphic design and illustration inspiration gallery.

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In June 1782, the bald eagle was chosen as the emblem of the USA, because of its great strength, long life and majestic looks. Today, you still can see a proud eagle with outspread wings on the backs of US coins and bills. The illustration of the eagle is also used a lot for decorative patriotic purposes. Here you can download the eagle's head, wings and ornaments as free vector artwork. 

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